How To Add Meta Description & Meta Keywords To Your Blog?


Description is the defintion of your blog. It describes the what about your blog or website is. It is very important because search engine first search for description. Normally your description should be in the range of 120 characters as search engine crawls first 120 characters of your blog’s description. So it is best to keep your description limited to 120 characters.


Keywords are the key to your blog. Search engine goes to keywords after searching the description of your blog. One to Three words made a keyword. But keywords containing 2 words considered best for the blog as it reduce the compition. Normally people use one word keyword in their home pages and 2 word keywords in sub pages. No of keywords for a blog should be limited to 10. If you will increase the keywords search engine will not crawl all of the keywords and your blog will go down.

How To Add Meta Description & Meta Keywords To Your Blog?

Following some steps you can easily add description and keywords to your blogger’s blog.

1: First you have to write a comprehensive and relative description for your blog. And then make a keyword research and choose some keywords for your blog.

2: Now login to your blogger account and click on Design and then on Edit HTML.

3: Here press CTRL+F and type <meta content= . Here you will see this code

<meta content= ‘Your Description Here’ name='description'/>

4: Now copy and replace your description with “Your Description Her”. And save it.

5: Now again find this code <meta content= you will see same code below the description code.

<meta content= ‘Your Keywords Here’ name='keywords'/>

6: So copy and replace your keywords with ‘Your Keywords Here’. Keep in mind that your each keyword should be seprated with a comma. For example’ Blogger Tips, Blogger Tools Tips’. Now Save your template and your keywords are added to blog.

If you did not find the codes mention above than you can add these codes your self. Follow some steps here if you did not fine meta description and meta keywords code.

1: Go to Edit HTML and find the and put this code after it.

<meta content= ‘Your Description Here’ name='description'/>

<meta content= ‘Your Keywords Here’ name='keywords'/>

2: Now put your description and keywords in these codes and save the template. And Enjoy your blog with description and keywords.

Feel free to ask any question though comment box. if you still have doubt about this.