How To Optimize Your Blog Post Titles For Perfect SEO?

The reason most Blogger templates are not SEO friendly because Blogger templates were designed in a long time and have not been updated, probably since 2007, ever since Google SEO algorithm has changed and 'as blogger you do not want t be far away, to keep up with the competition by having your SEO Blogger template is very important and so this short article related to SEO to help you leave behind their competitors.

If you are using a Blogger template, then you need to make some changes to it to meet your needs and to suit the needs of the search engine. Normally search engine focus on important profit margin, but it's a good thing to change it to something user friendly. Blogger templates as' Simple 'Travel', etc have h1 tag as the title of the blog is, what is normal. But the title of the announcement is not correct that everything is in a h3 tag, for many reasons, your blog can not be shown in search results and this is one of those reasons.

5 Key SEO Mistakes To Avoid In 2012

Optimizing a website to reach its full potential in the search engines requires a huge amount of work, even after Google Panda and Penguin updates. Many website builders expect immediate success for their websites, and they soon realize that this is not not the case unless you are prepared to put in some hard yards.

The SEO (search engine optimization) game has changed now. Google has cracked down on devious methods that were being used to rank website high in the search engines. Because of these changes, we are now being forced to revert back to the honest way of Search engine optimization and basically what we all started to do in the first place.

How To Add Adsense Ads In Blogger Dynamic Views

Blogger’s Dynamic Views template has received mixed reactions since it was finally introduced, while some users love using the new design layouts, some didn’t quite enjoy the fact that you can’t use your current gadgets with it and even add new ones – and that includes the use of Adsense ads. Well, not anymore.

Fortunately, I found a way to add Adsense ads into Blogger Dynamic Views and decided to share a tutorial on how to do it with the rest of the Blogger community. At the moment, the only supported ad sizes are 728x90px and 160x1600px. So how do you accomplish this? Read on below. So

3 Tips To Drive High Traffic From Social Media Sites

Your blog is the real business place for you and you intend to drive as much as traffic as possible. People try figuring out different ways for driving high traffic but often forget one of the easiest ways of achieving the same.

It is said that business must not be guided on personal lines but apparently it is also true that people carry out business with only those whom they trust and relate to.

When it comes to building personal relationships for driving traffic, social sharing takes the front foot. It is a simple three step process which can help you drive higher traffic to webpage.

How to Encourage Readers to Follow Your Blog?

A blog doesn’t get to have a solid readership base without any real effort from the blogger. Encouraging people you don’t personally know to follow your blog requires some basic work and preparation. Once they are in place, increasing viewership is attained more quickly.

The first requirement is almost like a mantra for every blogger. This is to provide quality and relevant content. If you don’t have this or do not intend to follow through on this, then other follower-building efforts will be useless in the end. You do not want a one-time visitor only hence the frequency of visits would determine who among your readers constitute your loyal following.

The next requirement is to network effectively with other blogs. Refusing to do this is saying no to the growth of your blog. You will need others to participate and provide activity in it or else risk stagnation. Networking should not be interchanged with spamming and other abusive practices. It is a matter of respectful reciprocity where the objective is to provide benefits to the parties participating.

How To Install Official Facebook Recommendations Bar Widget For Blogger

Facebook Introduced their brand new social social plugin called Facebook Recommendations Bar. It is Beta Plugins.
In this tutorial, we go to learn how to install Facebook Recommendations Bar in Blogger Blogs. This widget is more helpful to drive traffic from Facebook with and instant likes and related posts.

How To Install The Official Facebook Recommendations Bar Widget?

In order to work the Facebook Recommendations Bar every blog should must have the Facebook Open Graphs meta tags.

How to Use Your Blog to Build Your Email List

As fun and enjoyable as blogging is, it is also a serious business for many people. And as with any business, the more you put into it, the more you get out of it. Fortunately, you don’t have to spend hours each day tweaking and optimizing your blog to have a successful blogging business.

Blogging is merely a means to an end. And that end should include building a list of email subscribers.

Now before you say but I’m in the [insert niche here] niche and that’s not a good market to build a list in, let me caution you that any niche is a good niche to build your email list in Any niche!

Top 10 Blog Post Ideas

Stuck for an idea? Not sure how to structure your post? Use one of these handy suggestions (you might even want to print out the list and keep it near your computer).

And if you’ve got a favorite post type or template, let us know in the comments!

#1: The Beginner’s Guide to…

Even if you’ve not been blogging in your niche for very long, you can write a beginner’s guide. In fact, you’re in a great position to do so: you’ll be able to remember all the questions you had when you were just starting out.

#2: How to…

One very simple way to create a strong title is to start with the words “How to.” When you plan your post, come up with 5 – 10 steps to take readers through the process of accomplishing a particular task.