5 Key SEO Mistakes To Avoid In 2012

Optimizing a website to reach its full potential in the search engines requires a huge amount of work, even after Google Panda and Penguin updates. Many website builders expect immediate success for their websites, and they soon realize that this is not not the case unless you are prepared to put in some hard yards.

The SEO (search engine optimization) game has changed now. Google has cracked down on devious methods that were being used to rank website high in the search engines. Because of these changes, we are now being forced to revert back to the honest way of Search engine optimization and basically what we all started to do in the first place.

SEO Mistakes That Webmasters Are Still Making

Yes we all know what is right when it comes to search engine optimization, however the temptation of an easy way out is hard to resist. Even now there is a long list of new products being released, claiming that they are outsmarting Google panda updates. Oh no here we go again. Is history going to repeat itself? Google is just catching up with shady SEO techniques and now people are coming up with more products to deceive them again!

#1. SEO Mistake- To Think That SEO Is DEAD!

This is the number-one mistake of all! SEO is not dead and Google never said it was. Google just did not like the way Webmasters tried to manipulate the search engine rankings. That is totally fair enough and something had to be done. But webmasters are over dramatizing the situation and some are saying that search engine optimization is no longer necessary.

If you think this then please tell me why all of the articles I have worked on with SEO and optimized are the ones that are gathering amazing amounts of traffic on my website? When I go to Google Analytics and look at my top content list, all of the articles I have SEOed are on the first few pages of these stats.

#2. Constant SEO

Optimizing your website for the search engines is a never ending job. As long as your website exists, you need to help it rank in the search engines to gain traffic. If you fail to apply constant effort with SEO, this is not good at all. Your website can become stagnant, without a flow of fresh new search engine traffic, your website can easily fade into the low areas of the results.

It is important to always add fresh content to your website so the search engines have a reason to crawl your website and list more pages in the search engines. You also need to always continually build links to your website in order to improve your ranking on search engines. Yes Google still counts quality back links to your site!

There is an art to SEO but some webmasters just give it a bad name!

Make a checklist that you intend to follow to start optimizing your website for search engines and make sure you continue to follow this list as you need to keep the mementum going.

#3. SEO Diversity

Failure to use different SEO strategies and tools is a bad SEO mistake that sometimes can see you getting sand-boxed or even banned by Google. It is important for you to use different tools for optimizing your website but not the ones that get you in trouble. You should not use tools that submit thousands of links around the Internet, and you should not employ someone to do this kind of link building for you.

Yes, it is still okay to get links in directories, in forums as a genuine participant, and even by submitting content such as guest posting. It it is important to understand how SEO works and use it to your advantage.You still need links leading to your website but always vary the anchor text, the sites where you place links, and the time between making links.

We all should know that quality in everything beats quantity so just keep plodding along with your diverse SEO.

#4. Understanding Your Target Keywords

Trying to understand how the whole keyword thing works is not easy when you are a newbie. I know I struggled with the entire concept myself and luckily I accidentally fell into the right niches. Not understanding keywords and their importance can hold back your success and this is where most webmasters often seem fail.

Keywords need to be present on your website in post titles, tags, descriptions, and scattered throughout your content. This is exactly how humans and search engines know what your content is all about. A bad SEO mistake is when a webmaster over uses the same keywords in the same article or content. Another SEO mistake is to target the wrong keyword altogether.

Like I mentioned, keywords are important because humans and search engines need to know what your content is about. If there are no keywords that you are targeting, then how are they going to recognize your subject?

#5. Lack of Patience

Many web masters get impatient, especially if it is a first website, and they want to see their website rank high on search engines right this minute. I guess this is where the black hat SEO techniques come in. They go at SEO like a bull at a gate with black hat tactics or on the other side of the coin, they fail to apply constant effort in implementing their SEO strategies. SEO requires that you patiently use your selected strategies and tools in optimizing your website for search engines at a human like nature and pace.
SEO 2012

SEO is an art and takes skill. It has taken me years to understand deeply about SEO as my income has directly depended on me knowing this subject inside and out. SEO is alive so don’t sit back and listen to the rumors, because that is the biggest SEO mistake of all!

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